MA-INF 4222: NLP Lab (University of Bonn)



Natural Language Processing Lab (MA-INF 4222) :speech_balloon:


Where? When?

AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 (schedule see more info below)

Registration :email:

WiSe2018-19 (Registration)

Pre-requisites :warning:

Overview :mag:

This LAB is organised as follows:

Grading :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Grades for this LAB will be assessed as follows:

Fork, commit and push your project to github :octocat: following the rules:

1) Upload your presentation files to:

\<semester>\<project_id>\presentation\ :heavy_check_mark:

2) Upload your project files to:

\<semester>\<project_id>\code\ :heavy_check_mark:

example: \SoSe17\project01\codeand \SoSe17\project01\presentation :floppy_disk:

3) Upload your exercises to:

\<semester>\exercises\<student_id>\<file_name> :heavy_check_mark:


1 - please add your full name as a comment in your code files

2 - file_name template = “”

More Info :calendar:

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